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weather in Moscow

weather in Moscow

The treasures of the Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin is much more impressive in real life than it may look either on TV or in postcards. Its looks incorporate everything - the remote past and the easy-to-reach present, the history and politics, the culture and arts. Practically each building there is a historical monument. Everything feels grand and is definitely free of fuss inherent in our everyday life. Besides, as it befits, the Kremlin retains real treasures. If you have decided to feel what they are, so go to The Armoury and The Diamond Fund.

Большой театр. Внимание на Новую сцену

Большой театр 10 сентября открывает очередной сезон. В связь с реконструкцией ближайшие несколько лет все спектакли будут идти на Новой сцене театра. Масштаб, конечно, не тот, зато есть возможность рассмотреть подробности и детали. Первая премьера - "Волшебная флейта" Моцарта - в октябре. А открывается сезон "Мадам Баттерфляй" Пуччини в постановке Роберта Уилсона.

Survey excursion around Moscow

One can't know Moscow too well. Not a single day passes without a change - one thing appears, another thing vanishes into thin air, something rises and something collapses. A survey excursion around Moscow is a superb chance to carry on with this fascinating process of studying, to learn its early history as well as its life today. ... Moscow is the best proof to the proverb "no one is going to enter the same river twice".

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